Garage Conversion

Garages are not only used to store cars but they can also be used to store other belongings that cannot easily fit in the house. Some people have even extended their garages to use as a living room, playroom and bedroom.

Types of garages

The two most common types of garages include:

Attached garage: This kind of garage is normally connected to the main structure of the building. It can be connected to one side of the house or have it protected in front of the house. They are sometimes referred to as integrated garages. They are mostly accessed from inside the house and are easy for conversion.

Detached garage: This type of garage is detached from the main building or house. They can however be converted into a suitable living space. However, when operating detached garages, one must obtain planning permission when they want to change their intended usage especially if they are separate buildings.

Ways you can use your garage space 

There are various ways you can utilise the available garage space to accommodate your growing need of space. Some of these include:

1. Use it as home office 

Normally, when garages are converted, they can blend into home offices. When you are in need of private home office, away from disturbance from little kids in the living room, you can extend your garage space and easily convert it to home office. Remember, garages are normally located far from living areas. This makes them convenient to be extended into an office.

2. Kitchen diner

In some cases, kitchens are made adjoined to the garage. When one is in need of dining space, they can easily knock out the wall between the two rooms to create a larger kitchen diner.

3. Extension into play room and teen hangout 

Children usually need space for playing and hanging out. When faced with little space, you can extend your garage into a playground where your kids will easily hangout with each other and enjoy the play. Sometimes, you may need to relax and keep away from noise from children. Under such circumstances, you’re the playground in the extended garage will create room for your kids to play as they make noise away from your place of comfort like bedding room.

4. Extending into recreational centre

Exercise is very important for both longevity and reducing body weight. When worried of space for this, you can extend your garage into gym where you do your exercise. You can also have your home cinemas in the extended garage room where you get your entertainment.

There is need to utilise the available space without being worried of how to extend your house to cater for more storage needs and other activities. Garage extension helps you get enough space in the house. Garage extension makes one to fully utilise the space they have without any wastage.

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