Loft Conversions

Hurn Builders offer loft conversions to make the most of your spare attic space. When you contact us, we’re able to create ideal solutions to your new loft requirements, looking at your space and implementing your needs to make the best loft conversion for you. Loft conversations aren’t just an extra use of property space, they add value and creativity to your household. Here are three simple benefits to getting a loft conversion with Hurn Builders:

1. Increase and make best use of existing property space
A loft conversion is a simple means of acquiring more room and storage spaces by utilising existing “dead space”, rather than eating up your outdoor areas with an extension. UK homes tend to be among the smallest in Europe, meaning that every space often counts. By adding a much-needed room — be it a living space, office, storage or bedroom — to your existing property, you can avoid the costly process of moving into a larger home. The price of stamp duty, after all, is mostly equal to the costing of a loft extension.

2. Add value to your household
Property agents and experts are united in championing loft conversions as a healthy investment. With a well thought out loft conversion, your property increased in value with each additional space, by as much as 20% in some cases. There are very few home additions and improvements that can incur such a healthy growth in property value. Some property owners even decide to convert their loft into a lodging space for tenants, as an ideal way to supplement their income. A loft conversion will add to your property’s value whilst being cheap to implement per square metre. You don’t require lengthy planning permission to implement these changes, and the work is less dependent on outside conditions like weather and access.

3. Creating a room with a view
The inevitable advantage of converting your loft into a room is the high vantage point, offering farther views across the neighbourhood, countryside or sea, than your usual property’s windows. If you are attentive to natural light when building your extension, you can create a warm and bright space as windows are less likely to be blocked by other structures in the street or garden. With careful positioning, your loft conversion can turn into a haven of light and tranquillity.

Hurn Builders’ loft conversion service through Caerphilly and Cardiff places the customer’s needs first. Most households overlook the potential of their attic and loft spaces, taking them for granted or as places to store away objects with little thought. With Hurn Builders, your attic can be transformed from a dark and rarely accessed dumping ground into a bright and functional living space, ready to be decorated however you’d like. Everybody loves a new room project. With a loft conversion, it’s like you’re moving into a new home all over again.

A loft conversion offers a perfect way to give your home a new and innovative new look – offering more space, room and features without the hassle of a laborious extension. You can tackle your loft space as either a much-needed extension of your already beautiful home, or as an entirely new project, with different furnishings, playful decor or sophisticated styling. To add value and charm to your household with quality builders and workmanship, contact Hurn Builders for a quote or information on your new loft conversion.

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