Roof Repairs

A commercial or domestic property requires regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary repair costs. A damaged roof is among the structures in a property that can pose a serious threat to it if maintenance is not carried out regularly.

Here at Hurn Builders, we offer high-quality roofing services ranging from maintenance to roof repairs. With the vast wealth of experience gathered over the years, we can offer you repair services for all types of roofs. Here are some reasons why you should consult Hurn Builders.

A new roof

With the experience that our qualified tradesmen have gathered over the years working with different clients, we can offer you the best roofing services including installation of a new roof. We also have an excellent track record as evidenced by the services we offer our clients.

We have experience in the installation of new roofs using materials such as slates, composite or even ceramic among many other materials depending on your taste. Are you looking for a traditional or a modern flat roof that complements your beautiful flat? We got it, all you have to do is contact our professional team.

Moreover, with the recent extreme and unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, your roof needs to be flawless as minor damage such as a slipped slate can turn to be a great risk to the entire roof.

Other problems resulting from the extreme conditions will necessitate the replacement of the whole roof. We are ready to assist you in both instances and help make your roof weatherproof.

A leaking roof repair

Leaving a minor leak over the years will eventually result in a major repair which means that the cost of the repair will be much higher. Why wait any longer with a leaking roof? You should consult experienced professionals to have a look at the leak and repair it immediately.

Water is a very destructive substance when it is in contact with your damaged part of the roof for a long period of time. Also, ensure that you check the roof regularly for any leaks.

Guttering and the hopper heads repair

The hopper heads and the gutters are an important part of your roofing system and they also need regular maintenance. For properties that are near trees or surrounded by trees, these systems can be clogged with the leaves posing a threat to the entire roof.

So, if the gutters and hopper heads have just been installed it is advisable that you clear the silt and leaves in them after every two years.

Don’t wait for your roof to be damaged, contact us for assistance and quality services.

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